Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tommye Lou Davis

Distinguished, accomplished, and beautiful inside and out, are just a few reasons why I chose to interview Tommye Lou Davis for my profile story. I have known Tommye Lou since I rushed Kappa Kappa Gamma in January of 2011. Ever since that day, she is a woman that I will always have a very high respect for.
Tommye Lou has been apart of the Baylor community for 35 years. She has taught, she has mentored, and most importantly, Tommye Lou has befriended thousands of Baylor students, including myself. 

Tommy Lou's accomplishments:
1. Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor in 1966 and a Master of Science degree in 1972. 
2. Designated Master Teacher and associate professor in 1993. 
3. Designated Chief of Staff to President Robert B. Sloan Jr. 
4. Served on both the board of directors for the Baylor Alumni Association, and has chaired the Faculty Athletics Council 
5. Chairs the George W. Bush Museum planning committee
6. Faculty adviser for Kappa Kappa Gamma since 1988
7. Received Outstanding Advisor on Campus in 1996 and again in 2010
8. Faculty advisor for Alpha Chi Honor Society
9. Named Outstanding Professor by the Baylor Women's League for 2001-02
10. Presented with the Mortar Board Circle of Achievement Award in fall 2002 in recognition of her outstanding teaching and service to students
11. Chosen to be 1994 recipient of Baylor's Moon Mullins Award for meritorious service to students
12. In October 2010, President Ken Starr appointed Tommye Lou to his executive council as vice president for constituent engagements
13. Sustaining advisor of the Junior Leagues, serving as its president from 1982-83
14. Vice President of the Waco Mammoth Site Foundation Board
15. Serves on the steering committee for Waco's Community Visioning Committee. 
16. Past and present involvement includes: Waco Music Theatre board, Waco Sympohony Council, the Lyric Opera, Keep Waco Beautiful Commission, Waco Art Center Associates, American Philological Association, the Classics Association of Middle West and South, the Texas Classical Association and the Historic Waco Foundation. 

Tommye Lou is a most prominent role model to not only hundreds of Kappas, but thousands of Baylor students. Mary Bentley, current President of Kappa Kappa Gamma said, 
“If I could be half the woman that Tommye Lou is when I am her age, I will be happy. It is such a blessing to know someone like her.” 

 The legacy that she continues to build will forever be a part of the Baylor community, the Kappa community, and the lives of the innumerable students that her gentle spirit and hard work have touched.

“If I were to sum up my life, I would sum it up by saying I am uniquely blessed. I have a lot of interests and throughout my life’s journey, God has provided a pathway for me to use the gifts and talents that he has given me. My calling, what I love to do, is what I do every day.” -Tommye Lou Davis

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