Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Robert Griffin III

RGIII has always been a stand-out in my eyes. Anyone who plays for the glory of God is.
Colossians 3:23-24 says, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."

It seems to me as if Griffin lives by this verse on a daily basis. As an athlete myself, it is extremely encouraging to know that there are incredibly gifted athletes who do the right thing. So often fame is accompanied by pride and too much ambition, but RGIII learned very early on that Christ enables us to do all things.

After winning a Heisman, the thought that RGIII will not return to Baylor University  next year has crossed my mind many times. Anticipation and worry haunt to fill my mind, but hope and the knowledge that he will base his decision off of answers to prayer reassure me that he will go where the Lord directs him.
This video of some of Griffin's highlights gives me the chills, especially at 4:11 when he stiff arms an opponent in the "Heisman stance."

Robert Griffin III inspires me. I hope he does the same to you.

Condoleezza Rice

Written November 9,2011
Tonight, an overwhelming crowd of 2200 people filled the seats of Baylor University’s Waco Hall to hear former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice discuss her new book with Baylor President Ken Starr.  
Rice’s appearance was the second part of an ongoing series, “On Topic with President Ken Starr,” and her book No Higher Honor shaped the conversation between the two notable figures.
As the conversation began, Rice reflected on education in her segregated hometown of Birmingham, Ala.

“Faith and family came together in education in my family” Rice said, “because my folks always had me to believe that you might not be able to control your circumstances but you can control your response to your circumstances and your honor in dealing with prejudice and segregation was education.”
Rice continued with a short segment on her grandfather, John Wesley Rice Sr. As she explained his background and history in education she explained that the one of the main reasons why she went to college was because of her grandfather’s ambition and his value of education.

In response to segregation in the south and the value of education Rice said that,
“If you work hard and you’re twice as good [as non-blacks] then you can be president of the United States. I became secretary of state instead.”
As students, faculty, Waco residents and friends filed out of Waco Hall upon Rice’s exit, inspiration filled the air.

“What an incredible opportunity it was to listen to Condoleezza’s journey to and through Washington. No Higher Honor may have been the name of her book, but for me there was no higher honor than to listen to her incredible story.” Sophomore Business Major, Julie Mothershead commented.
Condoleezza Rice
Although Presidency, according to Rice, is not in her future, what an honor it was for the Baylor community to host such an esteemed speaker as Condoleezza Rice

Jay F. Hicks

Communicator, Connoisseur of Sports and Director of New Media at CBS affiliate KWTX-TV, Jay Hicks is a top dog in the world of new media.

When Hicks came to spoke, I was excited to learn about different ways to update my traditional resume and ended up creating an entirely new resume. An interactive one that is. I had no idea that it was so important to promote myself using digital media.

He shared ideas such as slideshow resumes, inforgraphics, and the importance of multiple internships.

Upon hearing he was from St. Louis, I was immediately indulged. Hicks went to school not far from where I grew up, in Town and Country and even shared that he was a Cardinal fan!!

Hicks is a man that any Journalism student can look up to. He is comfortable speaking in front of large groups, and knows everything about every topic that he discusses!

There were a couple things that I took away from his presentation. But the greatest piece of advice that I caught was when he said,

"Find out what your passion is. Set goals and figure out how to get there."

To me, this says 'nothing is impossible if you work hard enough to get there.'

Today is a great day to be involved in communications and someone that loves his job as much as Hicks, is such an encouragement to dream big of one day reaching his caliber.

I often see Hicks at Baylor football games, on the field, in the middle of all the media's action... right where I dream to be!

Tommye Lou Davis

Distinguished, accomplished, and beautiful inside and out, are just a few reasons why I chose to interview Tommye Lou Davis for my profile story. I have known Tommye Lou since I rushed Kappa Kappa Gamma in January of 2011. Ever since that day, she is a woman that I will always have a very high respect for.
Tommye Lou has been apart of the Baylor community for 35 years. She has taught, she has mentored, and most importantly, Tommye Lou has befriended thousands of Baylor students, including myself. 

Tommy Lou's accomplishments:
1. Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor in 1966 and a Master of Science degree in 1972. 
2. Designated Master Teacher and associate professor in 1993. 
3. Designated Chief of Staff to President Robert B. Sloan Jr. 
4. Served on both the board of directors for the Baylor Alumni Association, and has chaired the Faculty Athletics Council 
5. Chairs the George W. Bush Museum planning committee
6. Faculty adviser for Kappa Kappa Gamma since 1988
7. Received Outstanding Advisor on Campus in 1996 and again in 2010
8. Faculty advisor for Alpha Chi Honor Society
9. Named Outstanding Professor by the Baylor Women's League for 2001-02
10. Presented with the Mortar Board Circle of Achievement Award in fall 2002 in recognition of her outstanding teaching and service to students
11. Chosen to be 1994 recipient of Baylor's Moon Mullins Award for meritorious service to students
12. In October 2010, President Ken Starr appointed Tommye Lou to his executive council as vice president for constituent engagements
13. Sustaining advisor of the Junior Leagues, serving as its president from 1982-83
14. Vice President of the Waco Mammoth Site Foundation Board
15. Serves on the steering committee for Waco's Community Visioning Committee. 
16. Past and present involvement includes: Waco Music Theatre board, Waco Sympohony Council, the Lyric Opera, Keep Waco Beautiful Commission, Waco Art Center Associates, American Philological Association, the Classics Association of Middle West and South, the Texas Classical Association and the Historic Waco Foundation. 

Tommye Lou is a most prominent role model to not only hundreds of Kappas, but thousands of Baylor students. Mary Bentley, current President of Kappa Kappa Gamma said, 
“If I could be half the woman that Tommye Lou is when I am her age, I will be happy. It is such a blessing to know someone like her.” 

 The legacy that she continues to build will forever be a part of the Baylor community, the Kappa community, and the lives of the innumerable students that her gentle spirit and hard work have touched.

“If I were to sum up my life, I would sum it up by saying I am uniquely blessed. I have a lot of interests and throughout my life’s journey, God has provided a pathway for me to use the gifts and talents that he has given me. My calling, what I love to do, is what I do every day.” -Tommye Lou Davis

Laura Weber Malzahn

Do you remember what it felt like when you wanted something so badly with the one dreaded obstacle of your parents' “better” judgment in the way? But now, looking back, that thing, that event that you had planned; was it worth it? The mind of a teenager is one of development. It demonstrates the transition period from youth to the adult life. As this transition takes place, skills in decision-making become vital characteristics essential to this period in one’s life. Those long lectures pounded into your existence before you and your friends went out to see a movie and those “I told you so” moments when something did not go according to your perfect plan are what we all remember most about growing up.

A perfect scenario which displays the perfect role play goes something like this: A little girl, with her mother close by watch a very appealing pot simmering on a very hot stove, as they prepare dinner. The little girl wants to touch this very hot stove because she would like a taste of what is inside the pot. But as very few girls her age know, the stove will burn her, leaving her hurt and unsatisfied. Wisdom draws near as tiny fingers reach for desire. Mother, just in time, slaps her hand away and saves her from the fire. What the little one does not understand is that she has been saved from pain and scarring. Because she has been deprived of what she wants, instead of happily thanking her mom for saving her, she is driven to confusion and anger. She will not understand until she is older and wiser herself, that her mother slapped her hand away out of love.

My mom, Laura, has been my greatest friend since the day I was born. Although I have not always realized it, her intentions and desires for me and my life have been nothing but the best. There isn't one time in my life where my mother has put herself before me, or the rest of her children. 

My mom told me this story about the little girl and the stove, because I so often rebelled against her (what seemed at the time) harsh teachings. I did not understand why my mom forbid me from doing so many things growing up, until now. 

There are so many things in my life that I am so thankful for. One of them is the wisdom and discernment of my mother. I pray on a daily basis that I will one day be as wise as my mom. One day I may tell my daughter that there are far better choices than going to a party with low lifes and drunks. There is far more to life than rated R movies and puppy love romances. 

High school was a tough time for me. Had it not been for my mom, I believe that I would have made choices that do not reflect who I am as a person. The constant reminders that my mother instilled in my head, although at times seemed repetitive and annoying, kept me safe from the ways of the world.

My mother's relationship with Christ is one of the strongest that I know. The Holy Spirit enables her to make wise decisions and set positive examples for those around her. She soaks herself in the Word on a daily basis and because of that, is a shining light to everyone around her.

My mother inspires me because of who she is in Christ. Everything that she does is done out of the love she has found in Jesus. Her household is one of reverence and her children have been taught in the ways of the Lord. I only hope that mine will be the same.