Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jay F. Hicks

Communicator, Connoisseur of Sports and Director of New Media at CBS affiliate KWTX-TV, Jay Hicks is a top dog in the world of new media.

When Hicks came to spoke, I was excited to learn about different ways to update my traditional resume and ended up creating an entirely new resume. An interactive one that is. I had no idea that it was so important to promote myself using digital media.

He shared ideas such as slideshow resumes, inforgraphics, and the importance of multiple internships.

Upon hearing he was from St. Louis, I was immediately indulged. Hicks went to school not far from where I grew up, in Town and Country and even shared that he was a Cardinal fan!!

Hicks is a man that any Journalism student can look up to. He is comfortable speaking in front of large groups, and knows everything about every topic that he discusses!

There were a couple things that I took away from his presentation. But the greatest piece of advice that I caught was when he said,

"Find out what your passion is. Set goals and figure out how to get there."

To me, this says 'nothing is impossible if you work hard enough to get there.'

Today is a great day to be involved in communications and someone that loves his job as much as Hicks, is such an encouragement to dream big of one day reaching his caliber.

I often see Hicks at Baylor football games, on the field, in the middle of all the media's action... right where I dream to be!

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